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At your first meeting with DTA Building we will determine where you are. If you have plans we will run through your plans and get an idea of your design. If you are working with an architect or draftsman/designer we will work closely with them through the process. Alternatively we can put you in touch with one of our relevant individuals or firms wether it be an architect, designer or draftsperson.


Our quoting stage is something we take very seriously and out a lot of time and effort in to, which is why we like to determine wether you are looking for a high quality building experience. We are extremely thorough in our quoting and we will provide you with a quote that is itemised so you can see exactly where your money is going. We are competitive and reliable and can give you a time of completion.


Danny will be the main key contact for clients throughout the building process and will keep clients up to date every step of the way. Danny is hands-on with every project and takes pride in his team of high quality trades.

We deliver on price and we deliver on time